Jahshaka Clips

I recently downloaded Jahshaka and have been messing around with it a bit:
Finger Gun
Muzzle flashes from Detonation Films
I will hopefully post more soon.

Looks good. I’ve seen that program before, I could just never figure out how to use it. So I’ll just stick with AfterEffects.

Just one thing though:
The muzzle flash doesn’t follow the gun upwards on the recoil. Just so you know.

Thanks, It took me a little while to figure it out but it’s easy once you do;). Thanks for the heads up about the muzzle flashes, I’ll fix that in future posts.

Actually, I think the muzzle flash would stay where it was - the light is caused by the explosion inside the gun which only lasts about a millisecond, so the flash wouldn’t follow it upwards unless the shot was continuing up the way (which would probably make the bullet go upwards too). I’m not certain though:o
Well done with working out how to use Jahahaka, I would try to learn it as well but it crashes constantly for me:(

I have no clue how to work Jahshaka! Help me out please? I use the same muzzle flashes from Detonation films, but I prefer the video files rather than the images. Will that cause problems?

Tutorial please :smiley: that was cool