Jahshaka Mac OSX?? Aaarrgghh!

Since Blender Mac still has no muxing support, I bit the bullet and decided to have a look at Jahshaka. I d/l the most recent release of V2 (RC3) assuming it may be less experimaental than the V3.0 versions and was more likely to be compatible with OS 10.3.9. (This was assumption because no information is given about OS requirements on the Jahshaka D/L pages.)

The D/L and install worked but it will not run. The console shows a missing lib error (libsqlite3.0.dylib) and there appears to be no answer on the Jahshaka forums. One comment there suggested that it just will not work at all and a fix was being worked on - but the binary is still there to be downloaded with no warning that it won’t work - why?? I guess I’ve been spoiled by having Blender as my first experience with OSS.

So now the problem is that it presumably has expanded to 185MB (that’s what the installer advises as required disk space but maybe it neds that to run usefully?). But to further confuse the issue, the entire application, with all support files, appears to install into a hidden directory in usr/bin/ and only an alias installs in the Applications folder (where all Mac apps should usually install themselves by default).

So basically, I’m a little peeved and a tad scared since I’d like to get rid of it but don’t really want to go trashing hidden files from the usr/bin/ directory without knowing hat I can safely trash. It appears a fair bit of stuff has been installed inside jahshaka-labelled folders in that directory so I guess they’re safe to trash - but are they? There’s no usable uninstaller that I can see.

Alternatively, does anyone know if it can be made to run on 10.3.9 - or should I just wait till Blender can do it.

On a separate but related front, for anyone else looking for Mac post-pro solutions, I recently downloaded QuickMix (a 233Kb - yes, Kb - download!!!) which allows simple muxing but has limited editing capabilities. If you just want to add an audio track to your Blender animation then QuickMix seems to be the go. Be warned that the whole app looks like joke gone wrong but believe me when I say it is worth waiting the ten seconds it takes to download on a slow connection :slight_smile: I’ve barely touched it but I think if you had the patience you could probably do some nifty cutting and splicing too - the tools are there but the interface is a little “different”.

Hi Andy, My choice is QuickTime Pro.

Wait, if all you’re doing is mixing audio and video, I would recommended avidemux. It’s also OSS, and it’s specialized at adding/changing audio in a video. Many people also claim it has video editing capabilities, but they were designed by the devil. However, you don’t need to use avidemux to do video editing, you have blender for that.

Here’s the link…


Re: jahshaka
I wish they’d just admit defeat and take their site down. They’re just dragging down the name of OSS graphics.