Jahshaka reborn?

Although previously I’ve advised people to avoid it like the plague, it seems Jahshaka might be starting up again:
Good news? I’m skeptical, but let’s hope so. In theory this little app could be the perfect compliment to blender/gimp/inkscape.

I never saw a functional difference between Jahshaka and Blender, now that Blender has nodes. And it never worked. I’d rather he came over to the good side and joined the BlenderDev team. But if he comes up with something easier to use, that’s good. And it might give Shake functionality on Windoze, who knows?

It’s all down to how they do workflow stuff and library management, etc.
I never bothered with v2 beyond the first few crashes, but apparently its all being rewritten.
I’m not alone in thinking there is a need for a decent video editor/compositor in the open source world. I use Blender nodes a lot and they’re great, but I also use Flint and After Effects a lot and for some jobs they’re better.
Lets hope the Jashaka team get it together this time…

Could be great news, yet I too will remain sceptical until its smoothly slicing n dicing my clips without a hiccup on windblows. I hope they code it with a wide scope of vision that keeps other OSS apps in view for interoperability. (Can’t we all just get along? :slight_smile: )

Positron (a blender fork for video editing) seemed like a good idea. Shame that didn’t keep its momentum.
Ah well, until I learn to code something for myself, all I can do is wait and hope…

Unfortunately, Jahshaka’s always been pretty good at providing breathless announcements of upcoming features and slick-looking splash screens. Working software’s another story. But one can hope, I guess.

The proof will be in the pudding!

Besides we have Blender :smiley: and this bezier curve stuff is just as awesome as it is in Combustion for masking.