Hey do you guys know this program it is the greatest Jahshaka what do you think of it? I have to learn how to use it and it looks good to me.

About 90% of us know about it. I’ve never tried it personaly, but I’ve heard it’s pretty good. I’m working on a WWII movie and I might check it out, but I may just use Blender’s Internal Video Compositor.

I have tried Jahshaka and I didn’t like it. The program is EXTREMELY unstable (major system crashes every other action in the 2.0 “final” release of the program…). If you go to the Jahshaka forums, there are a lot of posts complaining about stability problems.

Features=Great!!! Stability=Zero!!!

I would love to use Jahshaka at some point in the future…but until then, its stability problems is a huge hurdle it will have overcome before i touch it again. Blender’s compositor is shaping up very nicely (though it doesn’t support 29.97 fps NTSC like jahshaka does).

he usado el modulo de animación para la producción de un video de 7 minutos (con una gran gran gran… base de datos de imagenes) y ha sido una muy buena experiencia… claro que necesitas un procesador potente para que sea estable además de una buena tarjeta de video y suficiente memoria RAM (dual core centrino, ATI 128 MB, 1Gyga RAM)

I have used the animation module for the production of a 7 minutes video, (with a big big big… data base of images) and has been a very good clear experience… for a stable experience you need a powerful processor in addition to a good ram memory and video card (dual centrino Core, ATI 128 MB, 1Gyga ram)

Ah! i have make the video with the 2.0 RC3,4 and the final release…
(for me was more easy to use than Adobe Premiere Pro)


Then what Oss would be good enough for me because I bought this editor (a friend gave it to me) and you know honestly it is too slow and makes to many crashes and mistake. I believe something like Final Cut would be sufficient. It does editting and good graphics do you guys know any OSS because then I have to buy some supplys.

Che? uh… I really don’t know what you mean. OS? like windows? for digital editing OSX is always a good bet. do you mean programs? well, I really don’t know of many decent free video editors. I have Jashaka, and hate it. Its very unstable and slow as hell! and I know its because my rig leave something to be desired, but c’mon! can’t we get something like a free premiere, okay asking a lot, but c’mon!

I mean is there a stable (decent) program that can make graphics, animate decently and effects; can it edit video clips(variety of formats), and sound waves(many formats); last something that can regulate sound by many different sources(effectively).
I know it is a heck of a lot to ask but I found a simmiliar one Lives but it is for linux


I test Lives days ago… and it’s toooo slow… I was comparing lives with jahshaka.

Sorry Man, I think there is no a decent free software to make this kind of staff on windows.
jahshaka and the blender editor of go wells with video formatas, but with sound… nope.

I don’t like Jahshaka that much to be honest. It’s not very well documented to begin with. It’s also considerably slow in my system (I do get better performance from Blender’s sequence editor handling much greater data volumes). In my experience, it’s rigid and messy – try as I may, I couldn’t convince the program to use an alternate media directory instead of cluttering the preset folder with a bazillion files.

In terms of design, it’s blatantly modal and with null interoperability, even between its own modules: you can’t apply an effect to a track in the video editor, you have to switch to Effects, where you can keyframe the effect, then render it and load it in its media directory (“desktop”) module, and then you can use it in the video editor.

oh people, we all hate Jahshaka but its OSS and it is just 3 (or so) years of development!! FinalCut and Premiere are much older and developed by many well paid professionals. You cant expect good results now, just wait some years… Blender didnt become this good over night either…

Speaking of Blender how old is it I believe it is about 3 years old (I think). ANyway I can completly agree with you Jahshaka is too slow and it can’t support my songs. I really wish there was some good video editor out there.
I honestly need a professional video editor and what is with the blender sequence editor

What about Avid FreeDV (big download). Also, you might want to consider mid-level video editors are in the $100+ price range (Vegas Platinum, Ulead Media Studio or Studio Media or whatever).

Who said we hate it? It’s all we have. :smiley: Nevertheless, I stand by my assessment, which I believe reflects my experience faithfully. I knew it would have done the job, but I preferred going back to Blender.

what are you talking about?