Jail Cell

ok…im working on a Jail cell(im a noob) but this is what i got soo far


um…a larger render would help us help u better

That, and changing the default background to a light grey, which will make it much easier to see. Apart from that, looking good so far! :slight_smile:

yay! lol ok will do… ill have a lager render in about 10min…

newest render…with AO…idont know why

again, looking good so far. the new colour and AO really do make a difference.

thank you…im begining to add materials…but i was wondering if any one knew a way just o make 2 red lights(eyes)…in the back round looking out…could i do this with lights?

particles. get 2 vertexes. maybe make a plane and cut 2 of um out. then in textures his “halo”. once u got that u can change the color, brightness and all that. good job so far. happy blending

Thank you…i might not use that (the eyes)…ill prolly just model a simple bathroom,bed, and sink,maybe a bunk bed…idk

Just a quick tip, I would decrease the diameter of the bars a little, they look too fat. Otherwise, its a great start.

will do thanks for all the comments and help =)…what would be the best thing to do for light?

How do i get my Textures in to the rendeR?

If they are UVMapped, then enable the “TexFace” Button in the Materials/Shading panel and add a new texture set to UV mode. If they are built in or images, they should work automatically.

ok thanks… ill be posting an update soon…i just need help making a bed…so if any would like to make me very simple bed…

wow…i reall suck at UV maping…lol…i cant find a nice blood texture…

ok well im not going to texture it…

Ok…sorry it took a long time to get a update…but every time i would do somthing my pc froze…i hade to many faces and then i added subsurf.so i deleted the hole thing…but here is what im at now

Any door? Other than that, looks pretty decent as of now.

Idk… im thinking of changing it from a Jail cell to some sort of cage…but…idk…

It looks good but I would move the bars further apart or make them thinner to make bigger gaps in between