Jak the naked king

This character is based on a concept art by David Adhinarya Lojaya http://david.lojaya.com/
Rendered in Cycle.

Hope you like, let me know what you think of it !


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Cool! How long did this take? Did you rig it as well?

Thanks johnnygibbs !
I can’t really tell how long it took: I started some weeks ago but had very few time to dedicate to it, so it progressed slowly.
I used rigify to rig it and make the pose, and I re-sculpted a little over it.

Always so good. Very nice job as usual :wink:

Thanks Pixi ! :slight_smile:

nice character man, did you rig it?, are you thinking about rigging it?, how about Blenrig 5?.
I’d love to animate it =)

Thanks Looch !
I used rigify only to pose the character. I had a look on Blenrig 5 but found it a little complicated and as I only wanted to make a pose I prefered to used rigify that I already know.
I had a look on your animations, they are great ! Love the lollypopMan serie :slight_smile:
I find difficult to animate on Blender. It’s so slow to move a single thing ! Do you need to have a really powerfull computer ?