Jakub Wedrowycz's head

I’m making new picture, and I need Jakub Wedrowycz for this. Here is I think finshed head.
It’s not very detailed, but at now I don’t need more. Photoreality isn’t my goal.
Now I have to make whole body :wink:
Modelled and rendered in blender. Textures in gimp.

Nice work! You’re right, the model looks good and close to photorealism, although the facial hair is kind of flat, his beard stubble could use a little roughening up.

Keep going and post up updates on the body.

Excellent work! The lips need clearer distinction and the pupil of the eyes seem to be too big compared to the eyelid openings though. (if you follow what i mean…)

Nice! The creases add a clay/rockish look. Did you do the textures with procedurals or did you paint them? Nice expressions too.

I think there’s too much uplight and he has no eyelashes but other than that, the model looks very good indeed.

I agree about the pupils looking too big.