jamendo's package ? <how>

most of you knows this site

there we can see some royality-free mp3s , when we enter a specific section we can listen to some music files and that is great :smiley:

well , the questions say :

  • how can i Download the Music file ?
  • i’m creating a 3d game now , and i have a problem , i can’t compose nice music :frowning:
    so using it is LEGAL in case that i mention in the game credits that the music is from that site and from that artist , isn’t that right ?
  • is there a torrent for the files ? < obviously Legal torrent since they are free > , and where can i find one ?
    i’m asking for a torrent to download a type <jazz as example> on the fly , and the DLDing continues after the power is lost < in case this happens> , i don’t care even if it is more than 10 gegas
    thanks BA forums :smiley: