James Brown

In what is perhaps the saddest music loss of 2006, the legendary king and one of the most historic innovators of modern music tragically passed away Christmas morning from heart failure after being hospitalized for pneumonia. Words cannot describe the feelings of love and loss for the man who influenced all modern musical genres across the board. James Brown, your memory will live on forever and ever in the hearts, minds and souls of all of your fans, admirers and in those who have been influenced by and who have borrowed from your unique and funky sound.People whom knew him and admired him please pay respects to him and his family in this thread…R.I.P James Brown1933-2006

It’s sad to see him go… especially on a Christmas day.
Although he’s not from my time, I’ve heard a lot about him. May he rest well.


i’m a big fan of james, very sad about his passing

funniest moments must include him getting high on pcp and going into a courtroom full of people and threatening to kill them because he thought they were talking about him, haha, what a fun guy, haha.

but seriously, i loved that dude, super wu is great, but james will always be the orginal sex machine!!

Music is life. He lives on.

Just another reason why it is probably better to give people flowers while they are still living.

Rest well JB.

Bye James. We’ll miss you.

RIP The Godfather of Soul

Well, everyone has to die you know. 73 years is a pretty good age to have lived. I hope he feels good now.