James House

This is a scene I am working on for a chort. I need a bit of help on what can possibly make it better. If any body have any tips on any types of materials I can use to make it better tell me. I am kind of stuck. By the way all files will be released after it is done. Thank you.


they are made of different brick, have different awnings etc.,
but all have the same stairs, railings, and garbage cans

I agree with KrohDaddi, maybe add a different types of rails and a different dumpster maybe a full dumpster in the big space to the right.

Something like that maybe it’d be different.

:slight_smile: any more improvements let me know .


General wear&tear. Some stains on the walls, perhaps some garbage (like paper) laying around. Of course that all depends on what you are aiming at: Realism, cartoon style, … To me it looks like a scene from a jump and run game.