Japan night

Love how simple yet beautiful Japanese architecture is.
Would be nice to get feedback especially on lighting.
Can’t seem to grasp the tricks on lighting


The tight corridor is of nice touch. I’d try strengthening the moon light coming in at the front. Nice render!

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I like the image composition, it really helps to focus the viewer’s attention to the important part of the image. I would do some subtle changes in the lighting:

  • Maybe make the blue windows a little bit less translucent, they are really bright and they tend to take attention away from the character next to them.

  • I would add some light source(s) to create a rim light on the girl’s left side, especially in the hair, which is getting lost against the background. This would help to see her silhouette and it would make the image better, even if it’s not completely realistic.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll try to work on my lighting.

It looks incredible! I think the light shining through the panes on both sides kinda steal too much attention and also doesn’t fit in with the otherwise blue/pink color tines on the focus area so i’d work more on that, maybe not have light behind them at all perhaps. Well done though!