Japanese Anime studios Khara and Project Studio Q sign up as Corporate Silver and Bronze members

It was just tweeted but as a huge Neon Genesis Evangelion fan this is pretty dope:


I can’t believe this ,what happened in the blender community in the last couple of days ! It’s just unreal ! One company after another they fund and use blender for their productions


Congratulations Khara and Project Q… you are helping to make History in the world and in the 3D and the animation world. People of the world want to “Create”. If it’s work or fun or in between and you show your effort to keep pushing Blender “Farther and Faster than anyone has gone before.” Sounds like a sequel movie for Chuck Yeager and he is still alive at 96.

I admire your decision and your art.

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I hope this bodes well for/boosts Blender’s NPR capabilities, which IMO has been a missed opportunity! Props to LANPR, Yiming should get a thrill from this news.

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How can you possibly make another Evangelion after End? :stuck_out_tongue:

(No, I haven’t seen the new ones… but if they’re made using Blender, I guess that’s a reason to.)

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Grease Pencil and EEVEE imo is why everyone is so excited about Blender 2.8. Grease Pencil in particular for a 2d animation studio.


The article is in Japanese so I can’t read it (Google translate does an okayish job of translating it), but it has a cool screenshot of Eva Unit-01 in Blender 2.8. Also seems to talk about Grease Pencil. A lot of Japanese Blenderheads on Twitter seem pretty excited about it.


Article translated to english https://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://japanese.engadget.com/2019/08/14/blender-khara/%3Fguccounter%3D1


Thanks! I was trying to do that, but couldn’t get it to link right for some reason.


In Studio Q, the number of staff who have already started using Blender has started to gradually increase. Also, in the High School section of Award: Q, an increasing number of people are making very high quality works using Blender. I expect that the number of generations will increase and I will be able to do advanced work early on.
The Blender Foundation is also supportive, acting as a flag cast as a Japanese anime company
As already mentioned, Blender is open source software and development is led by the Blender Foundation. Color will use Blender in the future, but not only that, but as one of the corporate sponsors, we will cooperate with the Blender Foundation to create a system.

was interesting reading the article , but this part have put a smile on my face.

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As the article says, they used to work with 3ds Max for their Evangelion movies:


In the end they want to cut costs.


And the companies will keep on coming. Because DEVELOPMENT is a real issue on Blender. Not a fictitious marketing tricks like in some other places…

Pretty cool. Considering that CGI in Japan has often taken a more stylised approach to 3D over realism like in the west, its anime industry adopting Blender makes a lot of sense with the additions of Eevee and especially Greasepencil. With Eevee it should be possible to cut down rendering costs for production as long as the engine is able to reliably emulate the anime style, which we could see being used for both film and TV anime productions in that case. As for Greasepencil, it is going to be an invaluable tool when 2D animation is still alive and well in the east, and with it being in a 3D environment is another way for the industry to cut down on costs when the artists can better mix 2D and 3D together.

With better animation tools, NPR shaders, normals editing tools (the anime style in 3D relies on being able to fix normals for potential shading issues), and stronger particle effects with Everything Nodes and Mantaflow, making anime is going to be both pretty cost efficient and powerful in Blender. This article is probably just a taste of what is to come from across the pond.

Cant wait to see the next Evangelion works and to be able to say that they were made with blender … it’s something that makes me strange, because until now I’ve heard Japanese Anime something so esoteric and so far … and now the world is less big and more near … ^___^

I read the translation of the article … they explain the various reasons why they pass on blender, there are economic reasons, there are because they consider blender mature enough to go into production, there are a key point that it is grease pencil, and in the end there are because now with blender 2.8 transit from other blender software is no longer as difficult as it was before.


Blender.org reposted the article with a human translation.


Probably as I did this search on youtube, they will have done a search too … And they saw the work of this Blender fan and Evangelion fan :dizzy::white_heart::dash:

If I were the BF I would setup a satellite office or person in Japan that would specifically handle outreach/support to the Asian market. Especially the anime industry which is looking to cut costs by any means.

Epic did that with UE4 and now the engine is used heavily by almost all the major Japanese dev houses. Nintendo, Squeenix, Capcom, Bamco etc.

You just have to meet them half way (ie speak the language and know the market) and be willing to meet their needs.

This is a great opportunity imo.

In-fact I think now is good time if the BF hasn’t thought about this already to maybe start putting in plans for an Outreach program/team. Their job should be to get as many grantees. That means making reaching out to “customers” and making sure their needs are met. I work with a non-profit and even though we are non-profit we still make a lot of money based on grantees (I’m talking millions). Again if the BF hasn’t started thinking about these things now is a good time.