Japanese Bank

Hi All,

Im calling this finished.

Its inspired by a modern Japanese Bank called Sugamo Shinkin designed by emmanuelle moureaux (http://www.emmanuellemoureaux.com/all) located in Tokyo who have unique and interesting modern buildings that contrast markedly from the traditional view of a bank. I was really drawn to the idea of nature and modernity being present together and used both Grass Essentials and TheGrove3D to create the foliage and trees that seem to soften the stereotypical seriousness of a bank.

I only modelled the exterior but hope to transfer some of the assets to UE4 to create a VR experience where users can access the interior.


Nice! Parts of it are quite convincing. I feel like the squared protrusions need a bit of a bevel, they’re coming off pretty sharp. More grunge, especially on the wood.

Thanks for your feedback and taking an interest. There is a bevel modifier on the cube extrusions but perhaps it needs to be more prominent to soften the edges. I did think about putting more grunge on the buildings and floor but wanted to maintain the bright modern facade so decided against it.


I could’ve sworn that this was the actual bank itself! Sweet work!

Very nice!!! I really think you should saturate the brighter colours of the building though, In reality they are very, very saturated!

Look at this image, Such bright vibrant colors! :smiley:

You have done really well on the modelling side of things! The buildings shaping has been modelled well!


I prefer the sky with a few, like summer curtains clouds, almost like a jellow on the sky.Not those white fluffy ones that get your attention. I do also like the more vibrant colors and the more plastic look of the structure. Also add something funny like a dog with a simillar shirt or i dont know a dude that sits waiting for people to give them flyers. Make a story :d other than that nice model :d

Thanks for all your feedback guys. :slight_smile:

I think you’re right about the saturation, I just didn’t want to lessen the realism by making the colours pop too much. The coloured materials on the cube extrusions are stucco based as when I tried to use a shiny plastic alternative it looked a bit off but may try to revisit this if I get time. Ive made a quick edit upping the saturation and some of the levels making the colours warmer and more vibrant, thanks for the advice I think its made a difference. When I get time I will render again at higher samples