Japanese Bathroom

Hey peeps!

Need some fresh pair of eyes on my japanese bathroom project, been sitting for far to long with the render and compositing and would greatly appreciate some feedback on realism, lightning and detailing.


Is this Blender internal render?

Oh forgot to mention, its cycles!

Maybe this is just off-screen, but in Japan, bathtubs are for soaking only. People don’t actually wash themselves inside them, so there’s usually either a shower or a place for scrubbing yourself down right beside the tub. In my apartment (in Japan), the shower and the tub are actually a single molded piece of plastic (granted, this does look a lot more highbrow than my humble abode).

Anyway, you either shower or scrub down beside the tub, then wash off the soap, then climb in and soak for a bit. The tubs are usually quite deep compared to those in the US. You can sit neck-deep if you like. Fortunately, I see no toilet, which is good because in Japan the toilet and the bathroom are two separate rooms.