Japanese Bungalow

heres something i’m working on, just thought i’d get some C&C as i go about doing it.


what do you people think?

needs to be beveled, needs better ligthing, textures, more stuff, right now its really too early to tell

Take care of the pillars, it seems you made them smooth, but it would be better to press the"auto-smooth" button cause there’re weird specs on them!


I agree… what you have done so far looks good but you need to continue adding details before we can really offer meaningful opinions. The proportions look good, and I think the handrails are going to work out fine.

The first thing I’d work on is the roof trusses, to make sure that you get the shape of the structure correct. Do this before you start to work on any ornamentation. (“If it looks good in dark gray plastic, then it’ll look terrific in real textures. But not vice-versa.”)

When you have all of the main structural elements finished, let us see it again. The next step beyond this will be to work on the various ornaments … what used to be called “gingerbread” … that makes the viewer identify the place as what it’s supposed to be. Some amount of ornamentation of the grounds surrounding the house will also need to be considered, because the Japanese always surrounded houses like these with feng shui elements.

But for now, focus on only one thing at a time: right now, “the basic structure and proportions.” Because if you don’t do that, you’ll get lost in details.

thats for the comments so far i’ll update tonight when i add more,

as for the structure and whatnot i’m going off of plans i’ve found for a traditional japanese bungalow so hopefully that will not be a problem.

as far as ornimitation goes this is int eh end goign to be used as the basis for a game model while this one is an FMV version so i’m also looking at keeping the structure simple enough to make a low poly world model.

that doesn’t mean i won’t add a scene and whatnot just that the house itself will be pretty simple.

heres the update,: walls, texturing is started and i’ve beveled the handrailing.


any more comments?

I’m really liking it. I know it’s a WIP, but I’m looking forward to seeing it with different lighting!

For the pillars, it seems you have turned off the"set smooth" button, you must turn it on WITH the “auto-smooth” one and set the angle to 44°, that must make the thing!

Bevel, smooth ? Don’t anyone here know japanese architecture ? Mac, It’s looking extreamly good, stick with the code, not many know about japanese wood working.

Al: i’m actually quite up to date with japanese arcitecture in both modern and traditional styles. i’m a big fan of the culture and i learn everything i can about how they do what they do, the bevelign is jsut soemthing i wanted to add even if it wouldn’t have been part of the style of the time.

and your right about the lack of smoothness, but that still depends on the architect, in the 1530’s the smooth polls were quite popular as it was simpler to shave the tree’s bark and smooth it than do the older style of precise cuts. it was dropped later on in about 1560 for the older style.

Whatever you say… Looking good.

i think weathering and genral wear adds beveling to almost anything

Yes, you are right, there’s the smooth pole and there’s the flat side style, just some small detail I would like to point out, there’s needs to a handel in the the sliding shoji screen as well as a groove on the bottom and the top of the door, I’m sure you have plans of putting these in, but just thought I point this out to you incase you haven’t.

yeah i do i’m just working on the general look of everything. gettign the roof on and lookign right but i’ll post more when i get to work on it tonight.

Looking forward to it.

looks good so far :smiley:

ya need some textures, but it looks good.
Maby a little more detail to.

heres the latest update, got the base texturing done, added windows and next is going to be the interior walls and roof


C&C please.

You planning of painting the beams a greyish red ?

I’ll look into colors when the time comes. i’m more worried about it looking right right now.