Japanese Castle

Worked a few hours over the weekend to produce this image. Let me know what you think.
I know its a bit bare as a full image on its own, but I ran out of time and I must move onto to my next project. Still though. please critique or ask questions :slight_smile:

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-Chris , phoenixart.ie

Beautiful, might I ask what your technique was modeling this?

Hi Namssil,
Thanks for the comment. A few different techniques were used.

For the main building, the walls were modelled from a cube and I extruded upwards. The windows were then hollowed out from the cube. The roof is a lot more simpler then it looks, without going into detail the main body is made up of real simple long v shapes, the detail under neath is made up of maybe a hundred cuboids.

The tree uses the built in script, curve to tree function. This is the tutorial I used a while back to learn about the script.

Everything else is just texturing :slight_smile:


Nice, a couple of things. It seems odd there are no hills in the background. Also the placement of the tree is vertically over the post for the bridge. At a glance it looks like the post for the bridge is the trunk of the tree coming through the wall creating momentary confusion. Perhaps offset the tree.

Hi Atom,

Yes, the background suffered from my need to finish the image. I was actually going to put in a distant mountain range.
Yes, I didn’t notice the coincidental issue the tree placement created. Will take note of it for future, thanks :slight_smile:


nice image :slight_smile:
the one thing that really caught my eye was how clean the building looked. I think it could be a lot more interesting if you were to give it some imperfections
dirt, stains, and maybe some moss could look really good, especially on those clean white walls and the stone area near the water