japanese character


i was jsut wondering how i would add a japanese character through the text input in blender?

i wanted to extrude it and then use it.

however, my japanese character input manager wont let me input any char, in blender!

help, plz this is urgent!

does blender even support japanese characters?

thank you in advance

Only certain fonts can be read by Blender.

For Japanese characters, your best bet is to use a closed curve to model it then convert it to a mesh.

Or you could take a screenshot of the font and use it as a blueprint (which would probably be easier then the Dragons suggestion).

Try this:


EleFont is still the coolest tool…

Its freeware and it will create a dxf file to import to blender of any font. It allows you to bevel etc the text before saving…

It comes in as separate chars so you can manupulate it as you want…


Blender(2.40 or higher) support UNICODE text and Truetype Font.
even if you have no IME,you can use “Char” tab (Text Object ,in edit mode);
Infomation about to get Truetype fonts,in BlenderNation;

Or if you “write” Japanese character, try this;
Henohenomoheji :slight_smile:
you can download a sample blend file,
(Open this URL,search “moheji01a.blend”)

Greetings BlendMaster and All,

I’m trying to figure out how to somehow get japanese kanji into Blender so I can make a usable object out if it too. Unfortunately I haven’t had any luck so far.

After mucking about with it myself I tried looking in this forum and found this thread. My first tries at it myself were trying to import .rtf files, since .txt files don’t seem to save the characters properly. Simply cutting and pasting unfortunately doesn’t work either. I’ve tried the Elefont program mentioned above, but instead of displaying the characters I was trying to cut/paste into it, it just displayed question marks. I tried saving the kanji to a .pdf file and then convert that to a .dxf file, but Blender encountered errors when trying to import the .dxf.

I have seen the ‘char’ tab and can get the kanji to display in there. I realize that it’s possible to click on them and have them come up in the 3d window, the problem is that japanese (nor any asian language) is my native language and making clear distinctions between the characters I want and the couple hundren (or thousands, whichever) is kinda beyond me.

The source kanji text that I’m trying to make into objects are the symbols from the pieces in japanese chess, and some of it’s variants (some of which can have more than a hundred pieces per army). Finding them typed out in kanji on websites was no problem. And I’ve been able to cut/paste into GIMP and work with them 2 dimensionaly. What I’m trying to go for now is animating a shogi board playing out a game. I’ve got the board and basic shapes of the pieces, now all I need is the lettering.

Anyone have any other suggestions on how I might import this kanji text?

Here’s a sample …
(Sample posted again in another post)

Write that text in a notepad with arial unicode as font, paste in scripts window from your notepad, then with your script window active press ALT+M.
Now change your new text font to arial unicode. Voilá!:slight_smile:

TKR101010, what you described, is exactly what i need/wanted.

i found that for real precision, its better to trace them with a curve…(its a LOT of work, but the detail shows in the result).

thank you for your way, this answeres not only my question, but im sure more ppl who want asian characters/fonts in their scenes

HURRAY FOR KANJI! throws arm into the air

thanks for all replies


Greetings All,

Thank you all for your help. I’ve been successful now in bringing in the kanji text I needed. :slight_smile: Hooray teamwork!

TKR101010, i havent had time to check it out yet. i jsut said that it sounds like what i needed…ok, tried it…hmm i cant seem to get it to work either:S

MADCello when u said:
“Write that text in a notepad with arial unicode as font, paste in scripts window from your notepad, then with your script window active press ALT+M.
Now change your new text font to arial unicode. Voilá!”

how can u select arial unicode as a font?? i dont have that option

then the script window? where can i paste my kanji character??? there is no room, all i get are “?”.

could u perhaps post some screenshots???

Sorry, is not scripts window, is text editor window.

When you press ALT+M you create a 3d text object with the text you have in text editor window. Change the font of your 3d text object to arial unicode.

Greetings All,

BlendMaster: If you haven’t gotten it to work yet, here’s a step-by-step on what I did … (BTW, I’m on a Windows machine)

  1. Using Windows Notepad. Save a blank .txt file in UTF-8 format. (Select UTF-8 in the dropdown menu when using ‘Save as …’) Cut&Paste the text you need into Notepad & resave. (I save a blank file first to make sure it’s in the right format and not effected by fonts. I didn’t need to select a unicode font at this step. Maybe that’s done automatically when I saved as UTF-8)
  2. In Blender 3D view, Add >> Text. Then in Buttons window >> Font tab >> Insert text, select your text file. At first the kanji characters appear blank (ie nothing appears), but when you load your asian font (SimHei.ttf in my case) the kanji character should appear. (Also, I didn’t need to use the Alt-M method for this.)
  3. Smile and enjoy. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone again for their help.

wow, nice work! that looks amazing

maybe you can make it into a game??? like using blenders game enigne, its just an idea but since you already have the pieces, it might as well be considered:)

but yea, wow, nicly done

keep up the good work

hurray, now i also have it working!

TKR101010, thanks for specifing the font. i would have looked for it for ages and not found it.

so thanks to everyone, this one definitly is a team efferot (as you said:))