Japanese Den: Tutorial Available

I recently updated a very old render I did called Japanese Den. I then took the extra time and effort to create a video tutorial on creating it for anyone that is interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaPe9np7ums
I also pieced out ever furniture model in the scene and packed them with all the textures files that I shot and created myself. They can be found here: www.caseyunderhill.com

If you guys really enjoy it I will go bigger and better and make more of these projects!

Well the lack of wall to the left-hand side is a tad unsettling, and the TV’s rim is too thick. The books are nice, but I think I’m seeing some “textures not found” magenta… The bump on the floor is too strong, I would suggest decreasing that a bit.

There is a wall on the left hand side as well as windows and curtains, but I blew out the lighting maybe a tad bright, if it doesn’t work, you can always just lower the environment strength a couple notches. The book isn’t missing a texture, but I made the mistake of making one of them have a spine with magenta. It has been fixed with a much softer shade of pink. The normal map on the floor was set to .01 for this image, it wasn’t the normal it was the specularity. A problem with the Spec map I created that has been fixed as well. As for the TV…I work in an electronics store. For that size television you aren’t getting a border any smaller than that or the screen will snap.