Japanese Garden : WC 109

Here is my entry for Weekend Challenge # 109, a slightly fantastical Japanese Garden, one ever so faintly Monet inspired…


Blender 2.33a. Procedural textures except for the swan. Saturation/contrast tweaked in post. Branches/leaves use dupliverts, and grass consists of subdivided planes that were duplicated and proprortionately edited. I used lattice deformation for the bridge.

The final render took about 8.5 hours. There are over 4 million render time verts.

Fun :slight_smile:


holy canoly! that is awsome! although it looks to much like a painting (in that it looks like a bunch of images not real objects in a 3d space) i really like!

Give it up for robertt! clap! clap! :wink:

Thanks Prince :slight_smile:

The visual experiments continue :wink: I tried something different in this image, setting the camera lens to 80.0 to pull in and “compress” a lot of detail into the field of view without sacrificing the desired vantage point.

Here’s a glimpse of the madness at work in this one…


Fun fun fun :slight_smile:



Simply amazing.

I have no crits for this image, normally I have crits.

This image is so astounding that I have nothing more to say. And you did it in the single weekend.

Wow simply doesn’t cut it. I am humbled.


the colors seem a bit intense, but it looks cool man. i like the swan!


pretty awesome looking robertt. youve progressed much! good job

Deeeaam Robertt, your skills are always stunning. Though its a bit shocking at first, it has an almost dreamlike aura to it. I really like it. Oh and by the way, you’re getting good way to fast ;).


Very nice use of procedural textures.

4 million vertices, eh? That would kill my machine. :stuck_out_tongue:


where do you find the time :o ? i still think robertt is just a name for a small graphic company, and its really just 25 people dedicated to cg art, haha :stuck_out_tongue: ,
i really am inspired by your dedication, and work ethic! you are a real motivator of art

Great work!

Clap clap clap!

Superb as always.

I think the bridge texture could be improved; it’s quite irreal now, but it is a very good work.

Stunning that you can make this in a weekend time span !

Another great work from Robertt.

I have to agree with Modron on the colour issue. They are a bit intense and over saturated in some aspects.

The rocks look fantastic. Great job on the material there.


Dittohead: Thank you very much for the very kind words!

Modron: Yes, the colors are a little bright, but when I tried desaturating some life left the image.

Skeletor: Hey dude long time no hear :slight_smile: Thanks!

uli: Thanks uli! I’ve been pushing and pushing trying to get better :slight_smile:

Obiwan: Thanks! My pc died a couple of times, so I had to lower the AO samples. Saturday I left it rendering overnight for a test render only to wake up Sunday and find XP had crashed. An exclusive Blender workstation would be cool :smiley:

Wu: Hey Wu thanks! Ah, time’s a funny thing. This really didn’t take long to model relative to other projects I’ve done, but I did spend a while working on the materials and lighting. I worked most of Saturday and part of Sunday, then let it render during the rest of Sunday. I’m also a “one man band” and am a workaholic, so I’m used to doing a lot in a concentrated amount of time :slight_smile:

@ner: Thank you @ner!

ThePatrickP: Thanks!

lukep: Thank you very much Luke. Yes, the bridge texture could be vastly improved. I commited it to its own layer and used multicolor (cloud textured) layer only lights to enhance the look of things here, including the bridge, which is all procedural.

BgDM: Thank you very very much BgDM. I appreciate that. The rocks were fun to do. When I duplicated them and tweaked the verts I realized I had to vary the materials and texture settings for almost every other rock in order for the rocks not to look like one big blob of concrete, so that was involved for a while :slight_smile:


very good! beautiful colors.
the camera angle made it a bit difficult for me to figure out the distances at first glance.

firtstly, I dont’ like your choice for tree material, it looks so missplaced, when compared with that stone texture, which looks quite realistic. Also the flowers on the branches of your trees look more real than those trees.

So, in conclusion, I don’t like your trees.

But other aspects of your scene I dig. Lovely.

@ndy: I really appreciate that my friend. Yes, the camera setting was a bit higher than what I usually use.

Hippie: I appreciate your honesty and agree the tree materials, like the bridge materials, could be improved.

Always room for improvement :smiley:

Thanks again everyone for your interest and feedback!


Allow me to be blunt and don’t consider this as a personal attack. I like your work in general. This is an ambitiuos project. And the theme you have chosen would be dificult for anyone to do.

But I think it’s 100% crap! Why is it crap? If it was a newbie render that rendered under 5 minutes I would have like it a lot. But this look like it was rendered in POV ray. Very harsh. There is a lot of colors. It’s fun for 5 year olds, but I find it incoherent. I was amazed that you mentioned 4 milion verts. Old playstation games with only 10.000 polygons looked better. And to render in 8 hours??? Plain ridiculous. It misses depth. The best way to simulate depth is to use les saturated colors in the background… so either move the trees in the foreground or you have to give up the color (if you were aiming for some kind of realism that is).

As a still it sucks. But I think you will see the work you have put in if you animate it.