japanese garden


my first Blender Project. Took me a couple of days. It’s a plain render - no postpro or anything.
I see problems with the needles on the tree - it’s a halo material and it seems to emit… oh well

please let me know what you think - I appreciate any remarks a lot - especially on how to make the scene look more realistic… thx

merry xmas



Its a little too dark…can’t see too many details to comment

hm - i guess that’s the problem when you work on a notebook lcd - everything get’s brightend up… I cranked up the brightness in photoshop for this:

hope that’s better


What you have looks pretty good for a first project, though I don’t really see a “garden” per say, more of a wall and a bench, which to me is not a japanese garden. Keep it up!!

hehe - true - it’s a little corner in a garden maybe :slight_smile: Oh well - the most characteristic for a japanese garden is probably the lamp…
Maybe I’ll add detail…

The main question for me is - what would need to be different to make it look more realistic. It’s hard for me to judge - I look at it and know that something is wrong but I can’t really tell what it is. I think that has something to do with experience which I don’t really have in this field - i’m better in abstract 3d stuff… Very very thankfull for any help.


The moom seams a litle out of place… it don’t mach whit the rest of the pic!

The upper part of the wall (the orange-ish bricks) looks kinda plastic, apart from that it’s very good!

The layout of the garden looks exactly like an area in splinter cell chaos theory. I like the mood you set on this render, but it seems a little washed out.

Here is a version with more contrast and less brightness I added for you, you can do this easily with Gimp or Photoshop.