Japanese Garden

Alright heres my latest, ive posted a couple times, but i have a tendency to start new works while in the middle of others…just something i need to work on :slight_smile:
I like this piece, looks like itll have a very calm feeling to it when its done…Let me know whatcha think!!!


those green dots on the land, are they supose to be grass?
if so, make them taller and thicker.
and also the window. the japanese used paper for their windows.

but other than that, very nice work.

I thought the windows looked wierd. As I know of photos and video from Japanese houses the walls are made of wood and paper.

actually yeah, i was working on making the windows paper…if you notice looking through the windows its a bit discolored from the actual color of the grass…ill work on that tomorrow, thanks for pointing that out guys:)