Japanese mech

Hi there all!

Have been lurking around the forum the past weeks, but this is my first post. I just started playing around in Blender (2.33a) some weeks ago and last weekend I decided I’d start my first project. Did the final render today and figured I might aswell post it on the board (to contribute to the lovely Blender scene). It’s not more than fair since I’ve been hanging around here myself for the past two weeks soaking up vital information.

It is a labor unit from the Patlabor movie(s).


I actually didn’t use pictures from the movie as reference but rather photographs of a toy I Googled (http://shannon.icu.ac.kr/~taky/plamodel/mgingram.html).

I’m actually not an artist (I probably have more in common with the people developing this excellent software than the ones using it, since I’m an software engineer) at all so I’m not surprised at all if some of you “veterans” find error. I’m aware that it is not 100% true to the reference, but that is itentional (cough me being lazy). Some feedback would be nice (be gentle on the crits though since I’m a newbie :slight_smile: )

The reason that I didn’t post this in the WIP forum earlier is because I didn’t know if I were going to finish it ;).

Model time: don’t really know, but I’ve been working on it of an on for three or four days when I was feeling motivated.

Render time: almost 3h. AO(12 samples) + 8 OSA. Some materials use Ray-transparancy and/or Ray-mirror effects. Face count; about 450k with 4th level subsurf.

I can post some other shots from different angles and perhaps some wires if anyone is interested.

Burre signing off!

Welome to blender!

Looks nice!
A few suggestions:
I recon you could come down a subsurf level to speed render times. Also, the ray transparency or reflection arent really used in the scene, so you could remove them. These may bring your render time down.

I’d like to see a few mesh shots and a lit model of it, because this is a pretty darn spiffy model.


Thanks for the advice, I assumed that too. The basic shapes are fairly simple so that might be true. I know that the effects don’t make up for much of an addition to the scene, but I initially planned a different scenery wich would have made the effects justice. This render is merely to showcase the model. By “lit” I assume you mean the shoulder lights for example. I haven’t rigged it yet though so a different posing is a no no at the moment. Maby I’ll post something tomorrow.

Hi, welcome to blender.

I really like the head, above all else, but the whole model is very good.

Try adding an image in the world texture slot and use ANG map projection. This will give the raymir materials something to reflect. Converted HDRI images or photo’s will do.

Armature rigging is so much easier now with auto bone assignments, it’d be good to see this posed or animated.

Top work,


Great work!!!

It’s good to see some anime style work around these parts.
I think I’ts a Patlabor moblie suit?

Looks cool. Nice work. It looks a bit toony but that is well with me. I like everything toony!!!

Well it is modeled from a toy so… :wink:

wow, very good for first project. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you.

I hate Japanse mechs, thus I didnt like yours. But that means you did a good job of making it look like a japanese one. :wink: Clean modeling, now lets see some good materials and a scene!


Good work Burre.

Man that’s excelent!

Very impressive first project. Get this model rigged quick, the pose is a tad boring. Get him in some cool stance. BTW this is great use of AO, it gives the character a perfect feel.

Keep it up!