Japanese Modeling technique

i make this thread to share some useful technique i discover on the net on manga style modeling technique, some are in blender and other app like metasequoia but more important the technique. in some of these websites will be able to download 3D models “data”, the creators share.

good reference: you can download the data model
this is excelent lots of technique and tut…

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some others tut…

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Some really good finds.
Thanks for posting up.

Not sure what’s Japanese about them though. Just looking at the pictures, I’ve seen these same techniques in 3ds tutorials for 15 years now, it’s what people used to do before zbrush. I’d say they’re very classic.

The technique is classic indeed! The tools ( one of them is with japanese origins for sure ) that use it are not classic though :D!

Thanks for the links @kakachiex2!

For the record: if you watch tutorials for max/maya/blender on the same thematic, you will yield the same result! The tools are the innovative thing here, which is funny, but that is the life!

I’m guessing the opener of this thread is into anime/manga style modeling topology?
Which there are not much good English ones.I’ve mostly learned from searching Japanese 3dcg sites

ok here are some of my compilation manga wire face topology reference, if anyone wants to contribute would be great, I’ll post more later

Great Refs. Thanks @kakachiex2

cool research :slight_smile:

if anyone can provide with references focused on this style are welcome

Some more reference

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Great Art. Great Shading.
Can you please show the toon settings for this image

I tried looking up the original links for these but could not find them for the life of me.
So I’m putting up the gif I downloaded years ago.These are some of the first reference that got me to understand anime/manga topology for modeling 3d.Lowpoly gaming models are my choice for getting a good 2d animated looking renders.
Done in Super 3 but I’ve applied this techque to Blender with almost no problems.



Didn’t want to bog done the thread with gif so the rest are here.






Nice post i Have a video whit this same technique

this technique in hexagreat

PART 2: Metasequoia

an this is another excelent one

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An this is his web whit the same tutorial, chek tut… section

Maybe this should be moved and stickied in work in progress. That seems like the best place to have a topology and modelling technique thread

another one

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Thank you so much