Japanese Room

Here’s my newest creation!
Wanted to get a chinese or japanese look… Hope you enjoy it!
C&C please…

Nice texture for floor and ceiling. Should maybe just be for the floor though. Can you please share the material you used for that? Looks great. :smiley:

Nice…not much to it tough. You need a centric object that makes a point to your scene. The would floor is nice but a bit too wet looking. Lay down on the reflection a tad. Other than that, great work.

Everything looks very good, but that back wall seems a bit out of place. Maybe turn down the radiosity (if you’re using it) or try to dampen the brightness. Also, to reiterate an earlier point, it doesn’t seem finished.

Man, polishing that ceiling is going to be fun :stuck_out_tongue: . I love the floor texture.

The door handles should be modelled - they look flat.

keep working on it :smiley:
I sugest to use another ceiling texture, it´s the same of the floor and looks repetitive.
Also try another color for the wall, this green is not very asian

I love that floor texture. Very realistic with the blurry reflection. I think the boards may be too wide though. It gives a sense that the room is very low. That coupled with the fact the doors touch the roof.

The roof doesn’t look good being the same as the floor either because I think it would be almost impossible to make a roof like that. How would you get the varnish on it? It would just drip off. I guess you could pre-varnish the boards but still.

yea Great textures-
it woudlbe quite odd to have a polished wood cieling though…

Thanks for all the replies!

Redbyte: Thanks! I got the texture from a texture CD, so I’m afraid you have to buy it yourself :expressionless:

Kashoki: One of the points with the image was to not give it any central object just to calm down the feeling. The room is whats important, and the room is there :wink:

Streen: Nope, not using radiosoty, but yea, maybe I should turn it down a bit… I’ll have a look at it!

javawocky: Luckely you don’t need to polish more than once in CG :smiley: There are no handles in the picture, so I don’t think I should modell them, thanks though.

Avier: You have any good thoughts about what color it should be on the wall? I will try to find another texture for the ceiling, I just don’t want it to be too much different colors in the picture.

osxrules: I will try to fix the ceiling today, but the room should look low, actualy, I changed the camera perspective to get it look even lower. :slight_smile:

Dwarfose: Whould you polish it for me? 30$/hour :wink:

Here’s two more versions:



:o On the last render it does not look so calm…lol. Great work. Here is what I sugest:

Get a spot lamp and put it right outside the window. Give it a halo and then put the samples to about 4-6. Thjat should give it a nice touch.

I like that last render. It look like a very large explosion is going on outside.

nice :smiley:

Am i the only one that finds the last one calming…apart from the fact its making me want to crush the life blood out of my stress ball untill there is something in the room :o

yellow color was better :slight_smile:
think in red, cheery, pink (from the sakura flower), golden or purple…

use google image to find japanese/chinese objects for inspiring colors and figures

Maybe hang a few of those japanese lamps from the ceiling and make them the light source.

Such as these:


If you’re going for a Japanese look, don’t you think you should place Tatami on the floor instead of having polished hard wood?

its too clean and wood floors might be blurry sure

the doors though are too blurry
they should be more in focus

Hi [Kothe] !
I saw your picture with interest becaues I’m japanese.
I guess you have collect knowledg of our dwelling.
And I know what you tried to represent.
But there needs more room avobe the top of “fusuma”.