Japanese scientists extract images from brain, one step closer to true thought police


What I mean is this thing will be able to extract what you’re dreaming from your brain.

I wonder if the police will start arresting people for ‘illegal’ dream subjects or thoughts in the near future:spin:

I will NOT have police reading my brain. Things happen in there that were only meant for me and my eight eyes to know about!

I’d think you’d advocate that. Root all them liberals out, eh? :wink:

That’s pretty crazy, I bet the humans in WALL-E aren’t all that far fetched.
Probably in 20 years we’ll all be living batteries like in ‘The Matrix’.
Things are probably going to get really weird when dream recordings start happening,
if this technology actually gets good, and isn’t just bull s**t.
“He had an illegal dream involving a red cube and a torus shape! Sentence…3 years as a living battery!” :smiley:

I find the concept absolutely fascinating, and in fact I’ve wondered if something like it was being developed even before I saw this article. Obviously this technology has the potential to be a very powerful tool when it is fully developed, and there is a large opportunity for abuse. This is true of a lot of technology though, and I don’t think that we should let fear keep us from advancing ourselves.

That said, did anyone else get reminded of ‘The Tank’ in Fringe? :stuck_out_tongue:

One day, ‘thought’ may no longer be a freedom. Naw, that wont happen lol

Happy thoughts, Happy thoughts, Happy thoughts Happy thoughts, Happy thoughts, Happy thoughts,

I’m sorry, your “Happy Thoughts” are not legal in these areas, I’m going to have to ask you to not think them and pay the $30 fine. Anymore offenses and you could end up with severe consequences, including the death penalty. You have been warned.

Add that on my HEAD, any High-End computer will overload! :evilgrin:
Every mind is different from on to another, can it work on all of us?
Why not, I seen one of this before Just forgot, 1 year ago, it was a gamer playing Quake 4
and with something on this head and from his head a wire to a small box , I see if I can get it, seen it on youtube

You titles always read like a scandal. Ever consider working for a local tabloid?

That won’t be practical for a long time.

Just read it. They had to show them 400 images to calibrate the machine to read neuron. Each brain is unique. It’ll be a while before they can get an image out of someone with his knowledge.

How are they supposed to do that, so if I think of a sheep. He will just put a hat on me and 5 minutes later. the sheep will be displayed on the monitor exactly as I saw him. If that is true, it will become the craziest tool ever. Like think what you can create with it, instead of using photoshop you can just think what you want to be made in the image…textures etc. And if you could combine it with blender you could make 3D models with just some thinking…xD

It’s all bullshit…:spin:

It’s minority report!!!

Well, not really, but it’s similar…

Yes, they could easily tell you are thinking about sheep, but no, they would not be able to make a decent render of it because your brain would not supply enough detail. Remember the Brain 2 Blender thread?

telephone is no bullshit!

Enigma machine is no bullshit!
Nvidia is also no bullshit!

see you in the future.

Honestly I believe that we will have some serious protest/revolution if the government should ever decide to “regulate” how peoples thinks. That would be akin to slavery. Being able to restrict thoughts could eventually allow the person with authority control anybody in any way.

I wouldn’t mind having these tools if only it will NOT input anything into my mind. For instance, I just think of WoW on my laptop, the game turns on a screen rather than having the machine injects signals along the vision nerves simulating being in the WoW worlds.

Hmm, they actually tapped and figured out the ‘format’ of the signals in the visual cortex?

I foresee a lot of newbies coming in and asking “say, how do I convert Suzanna.jpg to Suzanne.vcrtx?”

that machine is a blatant violation of “intelectual” property, isnt it?

I think it’s just they get the subjects to memorize 400 images,
and they can track down which tiny section of the brain is firing for each image,
so they can tell which image they’re thinking of.
It would be pretty crazy if they could locate thousands of images/things, and be specific.
I wonder if they can gauge the difference between ‘lawnmower’ and ‘television’.
Probably now it’s ‘crazy old lady’, or ‘pizza’ type easy images with needles and wires in their brains :D.

That would be very true, now when it comes to the point everyone is making art and animation using the brain, 3D programs may not even be needed anymore once they get that to ultra high sharpness and resolution.

Don’t worry though, there will be a lot of newbie questions on how to make good brain art and controlling thoughts better, like someone wanted to think a fancy car as an art piece and his mind keeps wanting to make it purple with polka dots.