Japanese Street

Here is my lastest project: a japanese street

Hope you will like it!


Nice render!
銀河焼きそば lol
Wonder what that tastes like :drooling_face:

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That light atmosphere is phenomenal!

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love this series man keep it up! :ok_hand:

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I wonder why the characters are mirrored… :thinking:

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Thank you so much! It means a lot!

Hmm. Maybe some old way of writing?
Ships and trucks have a directional way of writing for example names for them, writing from head to tail (on the right side it looks weird). Although it doesn’t make sense since it’s a store. I do like the style though.

↑ it reads “ポークたまご丸”

Wait, I found some info:

apparently, until the end of WWII, Japan did have a right-to-left writing, in the influence of the traditional way of writing, which is top-to-bottom. Pretty accurate depiction, if that store is very old. Interesting stuff :open_mouth:

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Thanks for the research :sunglasses:
I only know about China, where it was probably the same as in Japan. In China, it was traditionally written from right-to-left and top-to-bottom. The old books also begin at what we now consider the last page.
But, on the shop sign, not only the text but also the Japanese and English characters (“Best fried noodles”) themselves are mirrored. For instance, the characters 銀 to the right should be vertically mirrored to look like “銀.” Thus, I’m pretty sure the whole texture needs to be vertically mirrored. After that, the character “銀” should be on the board’s left side and itself vertically flipped.
Right now, the board could only be used for a woodblock print or potato print to print something on a sheet of paper :grinning:
The other characters on the other panels are all displayed correctly.

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Oh yeah, forgot about the mirrored characters themselves… That’s just a literal mirror then lol

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you guys have too much time. :crazy_face:
BTW- Japanese manga - some also are back to front order pages.

galaxy fried noodles are quite good :wink:


Like the lighting :+1:

But don’t envy the owners of those cars, be a bit of a bugger if there’s nose too tail parking as depicted :flushed:

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Thanks a lot everyone! Appreciate every comment :smiley:

Yes, modern books are still sometimes organized from back to front. But either way, unless the board is not a big mirror, at least the single characters themselves are written the wrong way round. But, most likely, the whole sentence needs to be mirrored to look like this “銀河焼きそば “BEST” FRIED NOODLES” Just saying… :wink:

very moody take and looking very realistic!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!