Japanese Tea House

Hi All!This is my last personal project, a little japanese tea house. Made with Blender 2.71 and Cycles. Post-Production in Photoshop CS6.

For the lightning I used one HDR image from www.viz-people.com. The most of the textures are of www.cgtextures.com. The trees are not my creation, are downloaded models, configured for the cycles by me. For the grass a used particle instancing with three types of modeled grass (see one of the image below). Particle Instancing was also used for the rocks in the road.

For the composition I made five renders: raw, alpha, ambient occlusion, Z-Depth for fog and Z-Depth for DOF. I could have done the fog and the DOF directly in Cycles, but I don’t would like render it again if something setting went wrong, this render wasn’t very fast. The background sky is a simple jpeg and background trees are pngs from CG Textures.

The original render have 800 samples and resolution of 2560x1440, took around 12 hours and used 3.1GB of RAM (8GB total). I used my CPU (Corei7 4770) for rendering because my GPU (GeForce GTX560) have only 1GB of video memory. Additional renders (alpha, AO, etc.) totaled over an hour.

Well, I think that’s all folks, I hope you like it.:smiley:


Hey there! Nice render. Here are some tips I think can make it better.

  1. The wood texture on the planks of the house seems a bit light and pale. It also seems flat an kind of repeatable. You could play with the mapping, so that you make it seem a bit less repeatable and more detailed. And you can add some color correction nodes to make the wood a bit darker and more saturated, in order to give better contrast with the rest of the scene.
  2. I would change the lighting so that you have more general areas of dark and light. Now the lighting is too equal and too unbiased like a ambient occlusion render. Try to make your focus the space with the most contrast in the image.

  1. I would work on the scales and ratios more. Right now your house seems a bit like a dollhouse. Maybe the rocks on the foreground need to be bigger or smaller, the trees also seem a bit small. Just try to rescale until it feels better.

nice image,i like the work on environment,like said above more lighting contrast and better composition will help.(maybe reduce sky area).can you post link to trees.

Sweet render! I like that you show everything that brought it together.

The brown trees on the back seem a little weirdly blurred though.

Beautiful scene man, I’d love to see it with a bit more RGB color compositing and glare. Great piece though, awesome work!

Thank you guys!
Nicely feedback! I will try make the changes in this render without render again.
rusted, the trees were downloaded of many places, among them www.blendswap.com