Japanese Toy Robot

Inspired by a 1960s Japanese toy robot. This is partialy a materials test and partialy simply because I love old robots…


Crits anyone?
More to come later…

Looks vintage and looks real nice, but the shadow doesn’t look right with the apparent soft lighting look of the box, perhaps use a soft spot buffer shadow or an area light.

very nice robot flippyneck kind of looks a bit like the Lost in Space robot

Modelling is complete, I just need to add a few decals and I’ll call him done.


Wow, I like your choice in materials! That looks cool!

Hey thats really nice. Your Robot has alot of character. Nice textures. When are you going to animate him?

Well he’s done.

No plans to animate this I’m afraid, ozo. The render times are too long for that. This was really a test to try and capture plastic materials and give them a battered look. I think it went ok, but I could probably have pushed it even further.


It ended up very cool. :slight_smile: Nicely job!