JAS 39 Griffin

New project.
Some modeling left, and I will not texture this untill Cycles is ready :slight_smile:


well i think you may have a long wait. How ever nice work.

Well, cycles is about to be merged in the near future so I picked up the model again and pulled it in to Cycles. Time to start texture this one.


some small steps towards a textured fighter. I think I will have to do some texturing tutorials before I continue this…

Texturing in cycles isn’t too bad.

You can do it via the nodes system or the material panel.
The nodes system really comes into it with complicated materials.

I’ve found the quickest way to assign textures is to
• click the small button with a circle in to the right of the material color for example
• choose Image Texture from that list.
• You’ll now use Open a texture to assign to it
• Just under that is Vector. This drop down allows you to set how the texture is shown such as generated, UV’s window.

Easy as that.

Assigning textures to things such as the roughness of a glossy material or a displacement map is easiest to do via nodes.

I’d advise looking at the node tree once you’ve assigned a texture to the color channel so you can see how it gets laid out.

Moving slowly forward. Learned some about shading and texturing in Cycles. New glass, beginning of dirt-map, some more details.

A very nice model! You are keeping the proper proportions and the shape. Congratulations!
Are you going to add some minor details? For example - the beam at the wing tip, on the original airplane has a somewhat darker area where the missle can be attached, and two connection points there. In such a projection this element is exposed, so such details would improve the overall impression…