Jasmen star

so as an attempt to creat a toonish 2d style using 3d world for its simplicity, i made some experiments trying to achieve the 2d stylised vibe with different styles and ways,

this was the last attempt to creat this view, by manipulating the mesh using shpe keys to creat demention and depth.

you can see the WIP topic on : WIP 2d mesh experment

now, after 6 days of working, i manged to finishup this simpel short animation using only flat objects and taking advantage of 3d space to creat the illusion of scenes ,

all was made using #BLENDER 3D and the help of vertex colors

watch the short

comment and critiques are more than welcome

for more :

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thank you for your time



Very awesome man… :slight_smile:

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Very nice alf. I like how the camera moves when shes jumping.

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thank you so much for your kind works @BuildJordon @Glufforg :slight_smile:


Nice use of shape keys…

The animation for the character needs to be sped-up quite a bit though…

I wish I had the courage to commit to making a short… Good for you!

I’ll be waiting for your next animation, keep it up…

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thank you so much :slight_smile:

i actually render this twice !!! the first feelt, more fast, thats why i rerenderd it !!!

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good work :grinning:

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thank you so much :slight_smile:

Nice work. Thank you for sharing.

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thank you very much it means alot :slight_smile:

it kinda reminds me of the south park show, only a bit more higher quality.
Nice job, i`m not a fan of camera being stuck on the character bit its designed well, you could do an indie game from this.

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thank you so much for this !!!
the idea was to creat a cartoony look like what you said " south park , power puff girls, what a cartoon show , styles without the need to draw ,color and animate every frame .

and yes it looks more like a game style more thaan an animation :slight_smile: