Jasmin's skirt- why no alpha?


Look at her belt. And the holes in her skirt.

Any ideas? Included the file if you want to play with it :wink:


mirror (1st link is better): http://uploading.com/files/c5m152ac/jasmin.blend/

Enable ZTransp and turn Alpha to 0.

You need to activate Ztransparency (or ray) and set the default alpha to 0.

Edit: whoops jrboddie1 beat me to it.


That’s great! The skirt is good now :slight_smile:


Any ideas how I can get rid of those artifacts in the render though? It looks fine in the Blender viewport. I tried playing with a lot of settings and didn’t get it to work.

Thanks very much :wink:

Enable Premul in the Texture:Image panel.

Thanks! That looks much better.

I still get some weird outline though around the belt, like a shadow. Any ideas how to get rid of that?