Jason Statham (incl. texturing tutorial)

High Res | Wireframe+Clay
Started as a modeling project to learn how to model human heads… the best reference I could find that I liked was of Jason Statham. So I went ahead and made him.

As my first face, I wanted to focus on the modeling, so I just took a nice big shortcut with the texturing by using my reference image to make the texture instead of painting it all (I’ll do it right for my second head though :slight_smile: so next time)

Texturing tutorial here

Can’t really comment on the texturing done (which btw, makes him look real), but the modeling looks just like him. Great work!

I’m not really into modelling realistic heads, but I think there are some visible things you could improve if you wanted to :slight_smile:
First the skin texture doesn’t seem to be very high res, it shows some noise, specially on his left cheek.
Then it seems to be mirrored, specially the middle section under his mouth and between his eyebrows.
You should try adding it some realistic hair particles eyebrows, and some SSS if you didn’t.It would give it a more realistic aspect.
Besides that , I think is a Great render, and even more being your first face.
Congrats :slight_smile:

Please do a tutorial. Never can have too many when it comes to modeling heads or the body.

Quite realistic, good enough for a movie. Definitely would use a tutorial. Only thing I see is that the texture looks a bit too flat in some places and a bit too bumpy in others. It’s really hard to pick out without studying though.

Really good! But it could be easily improved…

About modeling I would warn you not to get too many polgons on the mouth… I never manage to keep low the polycount on that area…

Why wait your next model to improve texturing?.. That could be easily improved… So finish it!
Paint better textures and solve those stretchings on the eyebrows… Add some particles… You certainly know what yu missed…

@Gionavvi - i was told that there were not enough polies on the mouth by a lecturer at the top animation school in my country :slight_smile: (then i added 2 more loops after he said that)

Anyway, tutorial is up: http://blendernerd.com/quick-n-easy-facial-texturing/

Really nice work Greg! Congrats!

I have to agree with you, the only problems I have had are too few verts in the mouth region. To get nice smile lines you need a lot.

You’re right! Such amount of vertexes is useful when it comes to shapekeys… It’s just that it’s difficult to keep track of the movements of all those polygons…