Jaunty broke my blender

Damn them jackalopes, damn them to hell!!!

Made the mistake of upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04 before the official release date so now blender doesn’t refresh the screen properly making it unusable. You would think I would learn since something like this happens every time I upgrade during the pre-release phase but apparently not.

I’m currently downloading the Fedora 11 snapshot live cd to see if it’s a ubuntu thing or an xorg thing, they (intel) have done a whole lot of work on the intel graphics drivers between 8.10 and now so that could be the problem.

On a positive note I was playing with compiz and it works amazingly well, even did the wobbly window thing with a video playing like it should.

Kind of curious if anyone else has taken the beta plunge (or tested out the live cd) and has problems with blender.

I’m writing from a Kubuntu Jaunty machine where it works beautifully for me. I’m on an ATI card rather than Intel though. I am tempted to test with my wife’s netbook which has an Intel card and is also on Jaunty…

I am using Blender with Ubuntu 9.04 right now and everything works as expected for me with Nvidia drivers.

I did have to remove the indexing service tho. For some reason simply disabling the service did nothing as it would start itself right back up. It had one of my cores working 100% nonstop for almost a week and was causing the computer to lock up for a second or two at random.

Hmm, doesn’t look like there’s much in jaunty to make it a compelling upgrade! I’ll probably skip this one!

How’s the faster boot time?

I am having the same problem as yours. Blender first started to render everything completely white in the viewport, then something wrong happened to the redraw. Now Blender is complete mess on Jaunty. I don’t know the cause.

Must be an intel thing.

Fedora had an ‘intel test day’ not too long ago and are doing some serious bug fixing on the intel cards so maybe they’ll find the cause. I’ll test it tomorrow.

Boot times don’t seem to be too much faster than intrepid. Other stuff Just Works now like my touchscreen and bluetooth along with the much improved compiz.

Hate to have to downgrade or gasp switch to fedora.


from the first link:

! It took 29 seconds to boot Ubuntu 8.10 but only 21 seconds for Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha 4.

Wait, I can save 8 seconds every morning! Imagine how much more work I’ll get done!:rolleyes:

FYI: I’m running an old machine on Ubuntu and Jaunty just feels much nippier than Intrepid. I run XP on the same box and Intrepid always felt slow - a good upgrade for me. Blender is fine but I run an Nvidia card. (The biggest issue for me is that Firefox seems so much slower on Ubuntu fullstop - Blender on the other hand runs better for me in Linux.)

Yeah, as charlie notices, on higher end machines, the difference is less noticable,
but lower tech, its quite big. :slight_smile:

Yea, you save those ~30% every morning. Plus this improvement is aimed for the mobile devices, not for the home PC. :slight_smile:

Generally it is a good thing not to use some alfa/beta/RC versions of software/OS on your main/work computer unless it is absolutely necessary to use some of the new features.

So compiz and Blender finally work together?

Why test on Fedora 11?
Why not testing on a stable version?
Fedora 11 is rawhide. It’s currently the development version.

Well, two reasons.

First is to see if they fixed the problem so I can file file a bug report with Ubuntu and second is that I know blender works with older xorg servers.


Yeah, but I wanted to work out all the kinks (if there are any) with building blender under Jaunty since 2.49’s planned release is a week or so after the 9.10 release.

Same problem here, in may Arch 64, with xorg 1.6 and xf86-video-intel 2.6.3…
I did have noticed it while xorg was still in the testing repo, but it was marked as stable and uploaded to extra…
Some 3d apps had an improvement in performance, like some games and wine (sketchup 7 now works…but blender is screwed, and thats not a fair trade…)
hope this gets fixed soon…
BTW, the git version of the intel driver do not fix this issue… maybe its a blender problem with dri2?

Worked up a blender bug report.

Look into doing a ubuntu one later it being Easter and all.

I am thinking about downgrading my jaunty xorg to that of Intrepid, what do you think?

Maybe it’s the same bug: link

Hope that help.

is there enough in jaunty to upgrade from 8.04? I’ve kept it on my notebook because 8.10 kept being funky on my desktop. But my wireless doesn’t work good on my laptop, but everything else works like a charm… I was thinking for a complete reinstall once 9.04 is officially released.

Actually, for me 8.04 was likwise a pain to get wireless working, but in 8.10 it worked out of the box. So perhaps upgrading to 9.04 would be advised.