Is ther anyway to use Java with Blender…right now I have just started Java, 8 weeks in school so far, and I am studying it outside of class to…Just have a few Questions:

  1. Is there anyway to use Java with Blender?
  2. Is Python anything like Java?
  3. Do you know any good Python tutorials?

If you’re learning the concepts like OO, if you learned boolean logic, if you learn when use each type of loop, learn concept of types, things like that, than learning python won’t be much of a challenge.

Pythons types are not explicit assigned, the scopes inside the code are made by the code identation…

Can you be more specfic about your java studing? By school you’re saying elementary school, high school, college?

High School we have covered most,cept for loops, of what you have mentioned and we started IF statements…out of school I’m learning “Practical Java Game Programming” a book well heres a site about the book: