Java for Firefox Question?

Ok. I am on a school PC with two users, Administer, and student. Administer has a password, so i can’t get administer rights. I try to install Java, but right away it says,“You do not have sufficient rights blah blah blah…” So i downloaded a Zip file of it,(I don’t know if it’s the right one i want) Anyways, is there anyway to set a path to it. I can’t put things in the “Program Files” folder, so firefox doesn’t know where to find it. I want to use the java plugin to play internet games that use it,(runescape, etc.) Does anyone know how to help? or send me to a site where they have something to help?:confused:


Ah, hah ha ha. I remember this kind of problem from some time back. What we did was to install VMWare($$) or MS Virtual PC(free) then installed windows 2000 / xp into a virtual machine. We then installed Thinstall onto that PC and began a capture. After a snapshot of the system was taken we installed Firefox and Java, then re-ran the capture program. This generated a list of all the files/registry keys that were added or changed then compressed the whole lot into a single .exe file.

You then copy that exe file back out of the virtual machine, and there you have it - portable Firefox with Java (and if you do it too, Flash) installed.

I currently am using Zbrush 3.1 like that (40.6MB portable:ba: - 127mb with help files:eek:) as well as maya7, photoshop CS3, dreamweaver8, flash8, boujou4 & camtasia4)

I can’t remember the name of any of them, but there’s a number of free suits that will let you make portable apps in a similar fashion. Here’s a link to the 30 day demo (just install in a virtual machine, use for 30 days then after reinstalling the OS into your virtual machine, go again for another 30 days. Repeat ad nauseum)

(good luck getting an email addr that’s accepted :p)

MS Virtual PC Requires Admin rights though :frowning:


Sorry, guess I should have said that you need to make the virtual machine and the portable apps on a computer that you do have admin access to - i.e yours at home or a mates, etc.

Does anyone else have any ideas?

Unfortunately, you have to be able to write to the Windows registry to use the java plugin.

There is a program in the JDK called appletview.exe with which you can run applets. There is also a program in the JDK called javaws.exe to run Web Start programs.

I haven’t used the applet viewer in while, but I was able to run this Rubik’s cube applet by simply passing appletviewer.exe the url: appletviewer.exe

So you should be able to run any Java program regardless if your an admin or not.

thanks elam, i’ll try it monday at school.

and…getting an admin to install a good old java update…is out of the question?

Ok. Does someone know where to fine a .zip or a .RAR file of the JDK or just the javaws.exe? I’m having troubles finding it.

As far as I can determine, there is no zip for Java in Windows.

You can try installing the JDK and then changing the install directory to something local, like your My Documents, but I’m pretty sure the JDK installer will try to write to the registry.

You can actually open the JDK installer with winrar and extract all the files, but if you then try and run the javaws.exe or any other Java executable, it will fail, because the install process creates some files that the other executables need.

I think you may be SOL unless you can run it in Linux, which does have a zip file.

Okay, I’ve just made up a portable Firefox with Java package for ya mate. It’s a 32.9 mb download and is intended for use with XP. It may run with Win2k, though I’ve not tried it.

To use, just copy onto a flash stick, and create a directory “thinstall” in the same directory. This will be used to save all temp files etc. When you upgrade FF, or install addons/extensions these will also go into that thinstall directory. Just note, the program operates in FileSystem “isolation” mode, which means if you save to anywhere other than MyDocuments or Desktop or a Flash drive, the saved file won’t be ‘visible’ outside of this portable app - the file will actually be saved into the “thinstall” directory. (it’s this feature that lets you run it on a computer that’s been locked down tighter than a fish’s bum)

I’ll post it to when I’m near some broadband. It’s been tried with and works with the rubik’s cube page earlier in this thread. It also shows the front page of Runscape without any hitches.

Oh, and btw - it’s to make the download small - I’ve got it already started downloading the update, so it’ll be nice and fresh for you. I’ll post it in the next hour or 2. Go the mighty-mighty power of Thinstall…


Here 'tis!!


  • Java

  • Flash 9 plugin

  • Aquatint Black theme

  • 1 single 35mb ready-to-run, self-contained EXE file :eyebrowlift:

Uncompress zip file and run. (empty thinstall directory is needed to make the application truely portable. All changed settings will be written to this folder. If you remove it, thinstall will try to make the sandbox on the hard-disk, which you may or may not have write permission to)

To reset program to as new condition (current condition), delete all files inside thinstall directory, but don’t delete the empty directory!!

Have fun boys and girls!

Ok. I downloaded your portable firefox, and ran it. and went on runescape and it still says i need to download the java plugin. Is there something else i need to do?


Hmmm, really don’t know to be honest tarkata14.

When I read your post, I thought perhaps I needed to install not just the jre, but also a browser-specific plugin too. So I looked, but there isn’t one. So, I tried running the portable ff in a clean, virtual machine with no java installed to see if I could understand what was causing the problem.

Only problem is, there was no problem.:spin: To illustrate, here’s a screen-shot I just took.
Sorry this hasn’t been of use to you so far.:frowning:


YAY! It works. he problem was that i was using the Firefox 3 beta, and some things don’t work with it, THANK YOU!!!

Alriiiiiiiiight!! :ba:

Merry Christmas.

(walks away with a broad smile on his face)