Java offering Open Office for Free

So I turned on my work computer this morning, and the Java update had that little announcement on it. Java is offering Open Office for Free! Silly me, I was under the impression that O.O. was already free…

So I wonder, is this just bad business on Java’s behalf, or is this a strange attempt to get people over to open source software? Either way, it seems a bit misleading…

Or am I reading more into this than there is?

Well, since OpenOffice(.org) is based on Sun’s StarOffice and makes use of Java, they are simply making it aware for those who don’t know about there being a good, free alternative to Microsoft Office.

…which they should do, becuase in some ways I think it’s better than microsoft office. Oh, yeah, and it doesn’t cost anything…

they spammed me with that little trick too…

I even have open office already installed >:(

There’s a computer shop down the road offering it for free when you buy a computer too. I use Open Office by the way. It’s the best!

Same here.

Regardless, is great.

True that my friend!

word up- I still use OO when I have MS word available at skool- all the other kids give me strange looks XP

I still use when I have MS Word availible at home… Sun’s got a pretty nice thing going on with And it’s a lot faster than Word. Who says Java is slow? is a perfect example of why it isn’t.

OO is the way of the future . . . the other kids aren’t going that way! BTW most job agencies have computer test’s that concentrate on MS-Office . . . so like we have a choice!

BTW - why does ‘OO’ take so long to load on my windows system ?

Who says Java is slow?

OO isn’t java itself, is it? I used to install it before java after reinstalling windows, and it still worked
it’s just got java incorporated, if you want to use it, I believe (it’s binary by itself, and I think java needs an interpreter)

Too bad :D.

And it turns out I was wrong on it being Java; it’s actually written in C++, but includes Java APIs. Whoops :o. I was under the impression it was all Java. Java still isn’t as slow as everyone says.

Java isn’t slow, it just makes for slow applications :ba:

Admittedly, there are Java-apps that are less slow than expected, but they still behave like swines in your system memory, which in turn makes things slow again.

I did a course in Java once . … the guy said Java is as fast as normal stuff. But we know other wise!~