Java script question...

I’m making a website for something and I was looking around at some of the free java scripts available out there. A fairly common one seems to be one that replaces an image with another when you roll over it. Is it possible to have something like this that uses image maps, so the image only changes when a certain portion of the image is rolled onto/off of? If so could you enlighten me a bit about it?

Here are the two scripts I’ve found so far with simple rollover functionality.


PS, keep in mind I know nothing about java scripting itself, I’m just an end user.

Google Suckerfish. Use the one on HTMLDog, the Sons of Suckerfish.

Just assign the map regions an ID, and have CSS/Suckerfish do the rest!

But, if you want the site to be professional, don’t use image maps.

Well, the way I plan on implementing it it should almost look like Flash…

Visited this site and have to admit that I don’t know what I’m doing beyond basic HTML.:o Could you give a little ‘for dummies’ style tutorial/example of what I need to do?

Already in there. Go through and read the CSS and HTML tutorials. You may learn something, even in the basic ones. I know I did.