JAVA softbody app

pretty cool

I love it! This is so fun.

Too bad it flickers like crazy on my machine.

But it does look promising, it even shows stress as red.

Good thing I don’t have epilepsy! :eek:

It flikkers on mine too, though not all too distractingly.
Nicely done at any rate :slight_smile:
Now let’s get back to Blender and try to do the same thing…

Nice and fast here

Looks good. It didn’t flicker here but I’m using a single processor ATM. Very fast and it doesn’t use all that much CPU. Editmode is pretty cool but I really like how you can grab all the points and pull the cloth in any direction. What makes the algorithm better than other ones? Is it a new algorithm?

If it’s flickering, make your browser use only one CPU-core.

Really addicting, runs perfect…

trust me I’ve only got one core…and it flickers…