javascript library for parsing .blend files

I am currently working on a solution for parsing and analyzing .blend files in javascript
have to study the latest blender sdna - is there some documentation for blender 2.62 / 2.63 ?

what do you think? a useful project?

Now this is Useful :slight_smile:

I hope so =)

+one; I agree

is there the latest sdna documentation for blender 2.6x ?

found this:
but no file there for 2.6x currently

implementing all things will take a while but hope to start small and add features for analyzing the .blend file, its contents and the sdna.

Hi X3DModels,

I just came across this:

Hopefully, it’ll be of some use to you. am currently working on a solution for parsing and analyzing .

A great., thanks. Seems helpful. =)

would be cool to get some help by some javascript developers collaborating on =)

have to test and sort out some things currently offline - but here is a first very early test version

currently it analyses the header of the blend file and parses it (big | little endian, 32 | 64 bit)

Hey did you know this?, is like something similar: :slight_smile:

This doesnt display 3d models. It displays rendered images like does or stopmotionlite

you dont need acutally the plugin from 3dnp as you can easily export an animation from blender to an image sequence =)

the nearest and best solution for displaying 3d models is x3dom as it uses the standardized x3d modle format

do you have experience in programming with javascript? or anyone else wanting to help? =)