Jaw Bone setup

Hey everyone,

Im was doing this tutorial http://www.blenderprojects.com/calvin/IPO02/index2.htm and was wondering how to implement this jaw bone setup with the rest of a Character rig ?

I can understand or think that I cant use just one Armature but at least two. How would I
go about this ? I would love any kinda of help with this !

Thank you very much


yep - just add extra bones to the armature in edit mode

I tried already, but dont know what to parent the Jaw_IK bone, that you use to move around to get the jaw deformation, to. !?

The IK that controls the jaw movement need to be following the head bone, somehow THIS is the very problem ! Anyone have a clue ?

Would I be better off using just shape keys ? its just not as good as this jaw bone setup.

Thanks anyway Im still confused about it though

Still lookin for an answer … anyone ?


Well it depends where you built the body armature. Is the body armature part of the “driver” armature or “armature” armature.

You can create a head bone in the “armature” armature (where the jaw bone is located) and parent the whole driver armature to that head bone. Then you would parent the “jaw” bone and the little “ik” bone to the head bone.

Other notes,
- set the chain length (ik solver constraint) of the jaw bone to one. (IMPORTANT)

  • You can also parent the lattice (the boxes around the eyes) to the head bone. But make sure to unparent them from the mesh. (ALT+P and select “Clear Keep transformation”)
  • Create a vertex group, call it “head” (name of the head bone) and assign to it the vertices that aren’t controlled by the jaw bone.

If something isn’t clear ask! :smiley:

Something like this: http://snowshoe.googlepages.com/ant03bc.blend

Thanks Calvin !

That was very useful info that I wish was included in the tutorial I did.

I use one armature for the character and one for the Face sliders/drivers. Is there other ways ? let me know, Im interested in riggin these days.

Also I made a VertexGroup on my Face_mesh that I wanted to be driven by the Face_slider armature but, after I created the VertexGroup and go to the IPO. I choose
the SHAPE and see my vertexgroup, add the driver but cant see the POSE only OBJECT.

Why is that ? what did I forget ? Was doing it for another tutorial and maybe its should be another thread ?

anyways thanks in advance !

I really dig Blender :wink: