I’m 14 now!
Yahoo, one year closer to driving! :Z


congrat :slight_smile:

Wow you’re only 14?? I’m stunned! The way you talk I always assumed you were 15!

Total joke - Grats guy :slight_smile:

Driving is the deadliest form of transportation!

zorro wishes you a happy birthday



zorro has become official birthday greeting? woo! :Z :Z :Z
happy bday!
wow only 14?? for some reason, i honestly thought u were in the 20s, lol :-? %|

happy b-day valarking

im 15, but still cant drive =( =( =(… just a couple more months!
happy bday!

14 you say? Wow…I always thought you were way older.
Happy b’day :slight_smile:

Happy birthday valarking… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry, I am late… but when I read it in my thread, I got confused and I thought it was today :-? Ohh $hit… I feel like I missed the party… (arrrggghhhh…)

Oh well, I wish you happy b-day once again and enjoy as much as you can… :wink:

Always a friend…


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday, have a good 2003 also :slight_smile: