Jayanam Fast Carv addon --- Problem with rebool option

Hello everyone! I am new here, Could anyone help me with this problem?
I am using Jayanam addon Fast carv, but I have problem with rebool option.
So I select the object I have to model, I activate the addon by pressing ctrl + shift + x, I draw the shape I need and when I press shift to activate rebool and then space to apply, I do not get a new separated section but a gigantic new shape and an error that says that operation is failed.

Blender version 2.82

If a create a new cube next to my previous object and I do the same operation it works.
What am I doing wrong?

Fastcarve is no longer being developed due to adapted naming conventions. You should use this from now on. https://github.com/jayanam/jmesh-tools I prefer carver. But whether that helps with your problem, I can not say.

HEllo Mario ! Thank you for your answer, I installed the new one, but no luck!

If this can help you in the future, I copied all the object I am working on, close the file, opened a new empty file, pasted it, used the Jmesh for rebool. And it worked. I hate technology.

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My standard for something like that is export and re-import (also different formats). Also, With boolean sometimes it helped shift a face a tiny bit.

I’ll keep it in mind! Thank you for suggestion!