Jayson SketchBook

More of an art dump than anything. Most of the stuff put in here will be from a project from some stories my brother and I are writing. Kinda are own universe of “comic book” characters. Plus other misc. stuff. Thanks for stopping by.

A couple characters I did for a competition:

Very interesting character designs!

Very rarely have i seen the multires so efficiently used.

the texturing is also brilliant!

what is the render engine for the last posts?

@filou.rod: Thanks! Actually I don’t use multires. Well not entirely true, the pumpkin zombie I’m posted it uses it. I was using sculptris, but now that blender has dynotopology I use that. I do agree that texturing would be my strength, however my modelling needs a lot of work. Up to this point everything I do ha s been rendered using blender internal. If your interested I’m starting a thread in the WIP section dedicated to my “Unnatural characters”. Not so much a tutorial, but it might give a more of the behind the scenes look at the process.

The finished greek warrior:

The weapons:

Another contest character:

To resurrect my sketch book I figured I’d cross reference an update to “Foxy”:

some amazing works in here jayson … more please :wink: :slight_smile:

teen mom-ster rocks!

@sumoLondo and m_squared: Thanks for the encouragement.

I like your character designs. Especially the teen momster, and the foxy girl. (the points of her shoes are lifted off the ground though.) I really like that pilot girl as well.

@Scotchtapeworm: Thank you! I’m glad you like them.

A quick update before I post the finished head.

Finished Head:

Beginning Hair Plates: