I wanted to try out my Squid-alien-thing model from my previous project in another setting.
I kept with the misplaced/unlucky theme and he ended up in the city.
Please watch the full resolution image to avoid ugly scaling and feel free to critique.


Great scene, love the colors and detail.

Very nice work! :slight_smile:

I feel like the headlight to the right of the alien squid thing is a little distracting, I think it would work much better if you repositioned your camera/objects so that the light were blocked by the squids head and produced a kind of halo effect of glare around the squids silhouette.
It would keep the focus on the main subject of this scene. And would also be more forgiving to the relative darkness of the squid, as usually things occluding a bright light in a dark scene will themselves be seen as dark to a camera :slight_smile:

Other than that this is really good, i love the materials and your chosen color scheme, it’s dark, yet bright and vibrant at the same time… just like you find in genuine night time shots :smiley:

Very dynamic scene! Great concept and camera move!

Thank you, yes I can see how the headlight gets distracting in the scene. It draws the eye. I probably should have played around with the composition a bit more.