Jazz clip

Hi there,

i made a clip for a jazz’s band
i’ve done the modeling in silo
animation,rendering and lots of simulation under blender
it’s not a big production, but i hope you will enjoy^^



Feel you free for any question and ctrics


I’m sure gonna watch this one. And wait for my comment, eh? hihi! :slight_smile:

That’s so great! The cinematography is awesome! Though I have to complain about the absence of credits. :slight_smile:

Those pylon craps look look something from megaman. Catchy tune, sounds like it should be in a burglary movie. It looked like some of it was traditionally done.

I am fond of the whale

scrag_10->megaman:confused:, lol, why not:p
in the begining i wanna made a traditional version but i really don’t i time for that finaly blender came in,:eyebrowlift:

reynante->thanks and yes, this is a TV version after i gonna make another version with a credits

Great music, great style, nice mix of 2D and 3D, fantAstic video… GALLERY!!

I really like this kind of thing - proving CGI can do other than realism.