Jazz club scene

I have been working on this one for a while and I think I’m finally going to call it finished.:ba:
The scene is basically that of a small jazz club. The musician is on break. What do you think?

see image below

Here is one more render. I made the neon a little larger and rendered it at the resolution of my widescreen monitor.

Sorry, I can’t see any images here. Maybe it’s my connection…

Is anyone else having problems viewing the images?

Maybe it was just taking my connection too long to load, but I got it now.
Maybe it would look more natural if there were some sheet music on the stand, as well as a bottled water holding the music pages down.
Great work!!

Here is one last render (no really) of the horn only with the scene reflected on the horn.

Since you seem to be going for heightened realism, it might help if you dug up some refs on how neon lighting is constructed. Your “Jazz” just floats in space (which some jazz fans might think is just fine, thank you :wink: ) and still looks very flat. Also, having it strictly contained within one window pane looks very contrived, maybe have it overlap the edges of that space, you’ll still be able to read it just fine.