Jazz Club

Hi there and happy easter holidays,

about 14 years ago I played around with 3ds max and really enjoyed it for simple stuff. - Fast forward - 2 years ago I used Blender for some rendered low pixelcount images for some mobile games. Therefore, there was not that much skill needed.
Then, about 2 weeks ago, I had an inspiration for a series of six images I want to create and then hang up in my bedroom. I don’t want to give to much detail about the overall theme of the pictures, but I want to post here some works in progress, so the theme might get clearer all by itself :wink:

First image will show a scene from a “jazz club”. Central to that image will be a man playing on a grand piano (shown below).

Noiseness comes from Cycles (and yes I know that the wheels have different materials and that the strings are missing (actually I just had them on a different render layer).

The overall setup of the club will be like this:

The modelling is far from complete (there is still a lot missing, like the “playing chair” at the piano, a lot of the bar, maybe some lights hanging from the ceiling… ), but I wanted to go step by step.

The overall setting will be a little bit gloomy with a focus on the grand piano. The whole club should use a lot of indirect light, and for all persons I will use these little wood puppets…

I want the grand piano to be lit by 3 spotlights (which are really placed inside the spotlight geometry), but unfortunately cycles shows this large amount of noiseness still after 3.5k passes…
Do you have any suggestions for the render which I should use? Or materials or anything else?

So now I am heading of to spain for 2 weeks and afterwards continue to work on this.
Critics are welcome!

Best, apate