Jazz Jackrabbit 3 intro in Unreal Engine 4

So uhm are you planning in future support for Unreal Engine 4 game projects in the future in era of cross-play platforming anyway or stuff related to Blender? Today I made first test of Jazz Jackrabbit 3 intro recreation of game which was never finished due to lack of finding publisher(so the game was cancelled). It was the first game made by Epic Games(the same company who made Unreal Engines, Unreal series, Unreal Tournament series,Gears of War series, Shadow Complex,Jill of the Jungle series,Epic Pinball,ZZT series, cancelled Paragon,ARK,Robo Recall in the past currently focusing on Fortnite) (formerly known as Epic Mega Games) before Fortnite Battle Royale(as second game dedicated to kids) came out. Jazz Jackrabbit was Cliff Bleszinski’s(after Dare 2 Dream and Palace of Deceit Dragon’s Plight)third indie game (nowadays it’s fallen into obscurity, abandonment being totally forgotten series). However Jazz Jackrabbit series not only had expansion packs and not so successful gba remake in 2002,but also appeared in iOS demo, but had also Easter egg in Fortnite even Witch from Jazz Jackrabbit 2 had her Easter egg in Fortnite too at least.

Even if Epic Games don’t care about Jazz Jackrabbit series anymore they are lying about this.

But how could this happen? The last time I remember it had X icon logo like Windows XP(older Microsoft’s operating systems-after re-release of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 & 2). I mean why they updated copyrights I mean renew them if they don’t care about Jazz Jackrabbit series anymore?