Jazz Jackrabbit (free rigged, textured, animated model) NEW LOGIC

I know this is a thread from 2009, but can you repost the assets on a different site? I’d like to reuse this model for VRChat (with permission, of course).

I guess Enjay’s mediafire account is protected from unauthorized users like me this could explain why his download link redirected me to my mediafire account.Btw I want this Jazz Jackrabbit 3d model for one of Jazz Jackrabbit comic book illustrations when Jazz met Sonic.Now Jazz Jackrabbit is 24 years old.I need permission from user who created this thread of course.One more thing I’m so glad that Epic Games made Fortnite easter egg of Jazz Jackrabbit and they re-released Jazz Jackrabbit 1&2 and Epic Pinball on gog.

Can someone give me a password to download link because it’s protected by password on Enjay’s mediafire account,please?

Have any of you ever considered the fact that since Enjay has not been seen for many years, he is very unlikely to respond to this thread (and as such is very unlikely for anyone to know the password)?

The age of this thread also suggests that the contents of the Mediafire account could’ve changed (so the file may have since been deleted).

To Lucas; Have you considered that in the three years since you last posted in this thread, you could’ve learned how to make your own rigged and textured character models (if a person has not been able to improve their character modeling skills in a three year period, then 3D will simply be a very difficult medium)? The choice right now is simple really, expend years upon years of life in the hope of getting 3D content that you might never get access to, or take the initiative and create the content you need.

Actually I made some of my own new Jazz Jackrabbit character 3d models.I’ll create new thread/subject and I will show you.Perhaps quality won’t be satisfying.

I want this model so much or at least this one for my Jazz Jackrabbit 3 demo(honestly two demos were leaked online) intro in HD just like I did on my YouTube channel with Unreal Tournamnt 1999 beta hd intro menu and also that one from final version. What a shame users Darkhog,DZak,RockyMadio,Aryoksini,IronLion left this forum. They were there before.

sigh If some fans make open source unofficial fangame of Jazz Jackrabbit series after somme time passed forward. They won’t share their download links. Darn damn curse you People Can Fly,CCP,Tencent and Epic Games for abandoning Unreal Tournament series and focusing on video game Battle Royale genre such as Fortnite for instance as an example. It looks like Epic Games prefer freemium mictransactions casual modern gaming nowadays. Kids loves it these days. Epic Games changed for a worse. Sega’s(messed up hardware business with hardware upgrades) Sonic the Hedgehog series are not good as Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. series. In circa anno domini of year of 2017 final build of Fortnite(trends have changed very quickly) was ready. Fortnite kids are hyperactive brats these days. Such as Tiara Boobowski,Jazz Jackrabbit don’t have much animated 3D assets(jj3d and jjios). Epic Games cancelled their own indie game Paragon(moba third person shooting genre usually those types of games are isometric). It looks like Fortnite and Unreal Tournament 4 forum moved to Reddit for some unknown reasons. Epic Games seems to be caring too much about NDA and DMCA. Since 2018 Epic Games Launched their own Storefront(full of anti-consumer shady exclusive business model practises). On Unreal Engine 3/Development Kit UDK 2010 Jazz Jackrabbit ios Kismet demo tutorial could be if finished such as Sonic 3D Blast Flickies Island. Fun isometric 3D platformer(I played some of those kind of genre for Sega Mega Drive,PC and GameBoy Advance). I’m afraid in future(UE5-Mega64 predicted it)cancelled Sonic & Jazz games gonna be treated such as Epic Mickey or Who Framed Roger Rabbit of video gaming. Epic Games founder and CEO of Tim Sweeney gonna make his own metaverse of virtual reality. That’s his own decision I guess. I don’t have much useful assets for Jazz it’s just unfinished JJ3D or JJIOS only. Even some fangames got high poly 3D animated Jazz’s models. It’s very rare access.

It looks like I cannot edit this thread anymore from estimate abandonware video game Jazz Jackrabbit from circa since Anno Domini of year of 1994 in the past.