Jazz Trumpet

Here is something I’ve been wanting to work on for quite some time. I still have a lot of modeling to do, but this is basically how the scene will be set up. I’m mostly looking for critiques on modeling, but any suggestions would be nice.

The modelling is very clean( the root of all evil to me is when my models are not) but try making the material more… yellow. And add some specularity, after all it is a metal what trumpets are made of:eyebrowlift:

Thanks, MtheGreat. Making the face model clean has been really hard for me lately, so it was nice to hear your comment. I didn’t really spend any time on materials, and I’m planning on making the trumpet very detailed (maybe some signs of use, like rust) and maybe use sclupting for a more detailed face, but I want to finish all of the basic modeling first. Thanks again!

ok, not to toot my own horn, (pun intended) but take it from a trumpet player that you need to work on the proportions. It is very hard sometimes to figure these out exactly and you will find yourself changing these still even when you think you’re done with the project.

Post an orthographic side view of just the trumpet so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

btw, kudos on the man’s head so far.